Getting going early to Sydney this morning to manage production for the Orson & Blake store in Surry Hills. Living out here in SoHi I'm rather undecided about whether to continue living in the country or maybe head back to the city one day. The 3hr round trip there and back gives me plenty of time to think about the good and not so good in both.

The country is incredible for being creative, for some reason you feel no boundaries  and find yourself just plunging in to all sorts of wonderful projects. Though with wonderful projects comes lots of commuting, which of course is not so wonderful. The city is bursting with so much collective creative energy which mostly feels amazing but at times I used to find myself feeling lost in the sea of it all. Not surprising the goal is to somehow have both...

Lucy Chadwick does both very well. Todd Selby captured the best of both her worlds in the little film above. It's inspiring to say the least.

Anyway time to get on the road and dream about the city as I head towards it then dream of being back in the country once I get stuck in the traffic!


  1. Thanks for posting that clip - I love it. Beautiful, calm and inspirational!

    1. Glad you enjoyed Lisa, I find myself watching it time after time!