Oh dear, a very late start today. I always struggle the day after a big Sydney trip. There's so much to fit in and with the hours spent behind the wheel I get home around 9pm completely exhausted.

Once I get it together today is filled with more painting of my wire wall type. I am working on a new piece for The Six Week Boutique... more about that next week.

To my inbox... this morning I had a super lovely email from Clare Lancaster who writes the blog womeninbusiness.com.au. Inside Out Magazine featured my blogroll in the current issue and having listed Clare's blog as one of my favourites she contacted me to say thanks. So love that.

Working for myself I need to feel connected to other creative people in my situation and Clare's blog ticks that box. I also follow women like designer Abigail Ahern above who inspire me to reach higher, though I can't help but compare my studio to hers! Connected good, comparing not so good. Theodore Roosevelt said 'comparison is the thief of joy', you nailed it Ted. Happy with me and mine, though just quietly I really must have that table!


  1. Anonymous18.7.12

    Ha! Don't blame you for wanting the table Tamara!