How great is this idea for DIY art from Apartment Therapy. After joining Pinterest recently (follow me here) and beginning the slow, highly enjoyable process of  hunting through the millions of images pinned by others I came across this which fast became one of my favourites. Not so much for it's raw aesthetic but the execution of the concept is genius.

Most homes I go into seem to forget their walls and the power they hold to 'finish' their interior spaces. I on the other hand am somewhat obsessed with decorating my walls and getting more so. I find myself focusing on it without even knowing it. I will and do put anything on my walls that is able to be hung so I'm not specifically talking paintings or framed pictures. I love nothing more than hanging a grouping of oddly combined op shop finds with my own craft pieces. Dresses, shoes, plates, lighting, postcards, trinkets etc. To me these groupings pull an area together and convey a story, give height, depth and substance. Also, you will be happy to know I do all this as a respectful renter... I have a very intimate relationship with 3M wall mounting strips.

This week really has been all about wall art in the studio as I've been making up wire wall type orders and sampling new designs. I have three new ones for your walls which I'm really loving. The big unveil is next week all going to plan.

Well there you go, my first week of daily blogging done... back Monday!


  1. Congratulations on Week 1! Love the wall.