All that mental mulling I did yesterday resulted in the physical organising of part of my website. I am always fiddling around with my site but my projects page in particular just always seemed too big to tackle. Enter yesterday with it's introspective rainy energy and busy mind and voila, done! 

It was almost like doing a CV really, rummaging around my laptop gathering together clients and images from projects past and present to compile into some kind of ordered fashion. I don't seem to have images of everything but a tally of 71 ain't bad. Somehow I managed to disable the feature to make images larger when clicked on so it certainly isn't perfect but hey. Please jump over and have a look!

The image above is a Why Don't You project I did for Inside Out Magazine and their sister site Homelife.com earlier this year. Styled by Vanessa Colyer Tay and photographed by Sam McAdam, two of the most talented girls you could come across I love how this project came out and it now sit's proudly on my new projects page. If you fancy making these yourself you can do so here!

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