I am a renter... I wish I wasn't but I am! Being a renter means moving a lot and in the last twenty years I have lived in sixteen different houses... oh dear, that looks even worse written down than it does when spoken! To be honest, although all I want to do is stop I think I am somewhat addicted to moving. Many of these moves have been out of my hands for various reasons, the others I am putting down to my 'habit'. New environment to explore, new walls to hang from, new, decorating styles to explore according to the style of the house... it's sounding more reasonable now isn't it?!

My current pad is not a style I've ever lived in before. It's open plan, floor to ceiling windows and very humble (aka needs a lot of help). It has a lot of exposed timber mostly in that honey colour which gives it a kind of 70's feel. Fine by me considering I'm a child of that very era. I painted the walls fresh white before moving in and keep my decorating colours very grounded with lots of dark chocolate but lately I'm obsessing about getting some hard hits of colour in here. The brick exterior of the cottage is a pale sky blue so I can't help but feel influenced by that. Am feeling quite inspired by the colours in this painting by Caroline Wright...

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