So hard to get up this morning... why did I break my no computer on Sundays rule last night... damn Pinterest, why are you so good?! 

Working for yourself, despite it's many advantages, is tricky. Switching between hats tends to create chaos. Friday I was an accountant, Saturday a researcher, today a tradesman. Before the week is out I will have been a sample maker, designer, writer, photographer, web developer, graphic artist... you get my drift. Being a creative person means chaos will always exist, it's part of the creative process. But, I crave routine and order and am on a mission to secure some semblance of it in my world.

Enter drastic measures. Yes this is a tattered old oil painting I picked up at an op shop but it bears a striking resemblance to a boss I once had. Hilarious I know but she now sits overlooking me in my studio acting as the death stare of authority I obviously need to work more efficiently!

Ok, time to put on my tradesman hat. The wind has died down and today I have a pile of wire wall type to spray-prime. Insert whip crack here...


  1. Thank you for the creative quote!!!

  2. You're most welcome Lies! It certainly sums up taking on you're own creative venture! Tx