I love Mondays, I really do. If I have managed to take Sunday off I especially love Mondays. It has such a 'fresh start' ring to it and anything feels possible. 

This Monday finds me in my head. I am thinking, mulling, pondering, planning, shifting, all in a very 'fresh start' kind of way. There is SO much I want to achieve and it seems today I am attempting to do so mentally. I attribute this not just to Monday's lovely energy but also to the rain... the very snuggly, peaceful, introspective kind.

Yesterday I taught my tassel garland workshop at Megan Morton's The School in Sydney and I did a quick loop around the Koskela showroom before I headed back to SoHi. It doesn't surprise me I am mentally stimulated, have you seen that place? Super inspiring! 

Above, another Pinterest find from Douglas & Bec over in one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited... the land of the long white cloud.

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