10.8.12 NEW CRAFT 101

I am always on the look out for images that illustrate what I consider to be 'new' craft. 'New' being that which is essentially a well designed modern take on a past technique, practice or material. By now you will have gathered I am not so into 'cute' craft... I appreciate it don't get me wrong, no design snobbery here! But it's the combination of  modern design and craft that wets my whistle.
I came across these images on Pinterest which get my point across perfectly. What the interior shot below also points out is that often the space the craft lives in plays a massive roll in how 'new' the craft becomes.

Images via Pinterest

The wind is blowing bitterly cold here in SoHi today, can't even manage to take my morning walk for fear of freezing on the spot. Think I'll just stare at this cosy wool for a bit longer before getting to work...

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