13.8.12 DIP IT GOOD

Image via Wool Modern

Dip dyeing has been showing up here there and everywhere of late. Of course it's pretty obvious why... it looks amazing. My friend, fellow designer and SoHi resident Sarah K designed the No Heater Winter Chair above for the Wool Modern exhibition in Sydney back in April. I helped upholster the chair's throw rug which is completely fitted and sculpted to the chair, though unfortunately not shown finished in this image. It is THE most cosy of winter chairs to snuggle up in. Anyhow I digress, what an impact the touch of dip dyeing on each end of the cushion makes to an already incredible chair!

Image left, 82 Modern Style Ideas published by Murdoch Books. Image right, Inside Out Magazine
Projects Tamara Maynes, styling Vanessa Colyer Tay, photographs Sam McAdam

You can't tell me the dip dyed garland above left doesn't rock that empty corner?! I designed and made these for Inside Out magazine's project book 82 Modern Style Ideas mid last year so when stylist Megan Morton asked me to teach a craft class at her School I jumped at the chance to share this project further. In reality I had to be clever and come up with a way to get a dip dyed look without actually dip dyeing... it's way too messy and long winded for a semi-quick Sunday afternoon class of 20 people. I must say the way we achieve this look as a single strand version without actually dyeing the tassels is perfect and simple. In fact you must come this Sunday and I will teach you how! Details and booking here.

Another of my dip dyeing projects for Inside Out mag above right, this time on cushions and pillowcases. My words of wisdom for the day... come to my Make A Tassel Garland class on sunday or try these cushions at home. Full instructions in the March/April 2012 issue available online at Zinio.

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