Image by Oliver Perrot via Abigail Ahern

I don't need much I'm telling you, just the perfect blue wall, an old pressed brass wall light with necessary ballerinas on, a couple of kooky suited timber men and a matching pair of Queen Anne side tables. This is my idea of interior heaven... a strange little grouping that is harmonious in every way and that you just want to be with all day everyday. I am getting things ready here to do a self produced mini photo shoot today for a couple of things I'm working on. In preparation I am coming at everything completely visually this morning and have nothing more to say than OMG I am in love and thanks to Abigail for posting this image yesterday on her blog so I could find it!


  1. I saw this image on Abigail's blog and just loved it too. I'm trying to figure out the scale - is the wall light much bigger than it looks, are the side tables smaller, are the kooky men quite large. Whatever - it just looks amazing! Lovely to find your blog Tamara. Amanda x

    1. Hi Amanda, so happy you found my blog! I think the scale is confusing because the full height of the wall is cropped out of the image maybe.I imagine there is substantial wall above the line of plaster beading. Anyway that's my theory and I'm sticking to it! Tx