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I'm a type nerd. There, I said it. I use it in a lot of my work... can't help it. I am so attracted to typography as a design medium I actually have to stop myself from using it. This fabulous patchwork-esque design came to mind this morning as I arrange my crazy schedule for the next couple of months. I've been cruising for the first half of this year and am now attempting to fit everything into the final four months.  Madness! I should say no to some of the things I have on the boil but instead I'm going to breathe, stay organised and enjoy!
Image from The Six Week Boutique

Cross stitching type is an especially enjoyable undertaking, there's something about it that I find so fulfilling. Maybe it's watching a word unfold letter by letter one small cross at a time like in my Ransom Note Font above. Oh type, I will never have enough of you...

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