I can't help myself when it comes to picking up (or breaking off) flora that does it for me. I am forever bringing it home, filling tiny vessels with it or taping it to the wall. I particularly love papery skeletal type finds that I can't identitfy immediately and are most certainly weeds. I have also been reprimanded by park rangers for picking protected natives. I'm not proud of this but it does paint a picture of why I am currently experiencing a devastating flora moment.

A block from my house peppered amongst the Agapanthus along the fence of a lovely old cottage grows the jewel of my flora finds. Pictured top right , it is a puffy, papery pod like weed that to me is heaven. I have a small collection of it but was preparing to harvest my bounty. For the past six weeks on my morning walk I have watched it forming slowly but surely, it was only needing maybe another month at most. On yesterday morning's walk I discovered my babies along with their protective Aga's had been completely destroyed. Oh, the pain!

In honour of the small bundle I do have I'm going to make a wall inspired by Pia Jane Bijkerk's above. R.I.P papery pods...

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