Apologies to those of you who don't agree with using leather (not mentioning my husband who still won't let me buy a cowhide rug after many years of trying to wear him down and explaining to him they are a byproduct) but I love it. It was such a big part of my work when I was wholesaling my wares twelve years ago. This collection of leather remnants above is so reminiscent of the metallics and tans I cut and sewed all day every day... until I got frozen shoulder in both arms and was forced to stop work for three months and recover. An experience I could blame on my love of leather, but I can't - I won't!

All this leather talk has had me Googling leather chairs. I know we have all seen the modern day Acapulco chairs but have we all seen this Ocho edition made from tan leather thonging?! I am now on a serious mission to find an old 50's version that is unwanted and super cheap and cheerful so I can pull it apart and resume my love of leather work minus the frozen shoulder.

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