I am rushing off to Sydney this morning with just enough time to post one beautiful inspiring image for the day before I take off. So much to do before I leave for London! This room really does it for me. You? I love everything about it. Cowhide rugs (see how lovely they look husband?!) peeking out from that big long timber table, touches of blue in drapes and artwork. But my oh my that patchwork quilt with it's hit of juicy tomato red, wunderbar! And so modern looking in that space and in all it's graphic glory. I'm telling you a touch of 'new' craft is the way to go in every space. An inspiring day to you all!


  1. Room looks stunning. I love the cowhides. Its kind of hard to tell from the pic but they look like they match pretty good. So is the room complete?

  2. To me this room is complete... perfectly so in a wonderful unplanned way!