Today I am writing my post from bed at 10.30 in the morning! Outrageous! It's been weeks since I've had a single day off and I got back from Sydney last night utterly exhausted to the point of feeling sick so promised myself I would stay in bed and catch up on my sleep. Turns out my internal alarm clock doesn't understand exhaustion so instead of sleeping I'm 'resting'... with my laptop. 

After posting that interior image yesterday and thinking all day about that beautiful combination of tomato red and pale blue I found myself remembering Inaluxe and one of their prints, pictured top, that combined these colours. Their designs are very retro in feel, which isn't my personal style but their use of colour is spot on. Art is so important in a space and although it doesn't have to be (and in my case isn't) a painting or print something like this is a great place to start if you're just venturing into decorating your walls. 

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