I have my work cut out for me today in preparation for a very very long overdue garage sale I am throwing tomorrow. I'm not good at deciding what stays and what goes, and find myself in the position of having to have a garage sale for this very reason. I am a hoarder... there I said it!

I also have some real work to fit in today but that's going to be interesting considering the main offender requiring un-cluttering is my making studio. It really is outrageously full and although it looks chaotic there is some organisation within I promise. It just isn't visible to an outsider...

I have decided this calm, clutter free image from Plumo is my motivation for this cold windy Friday as I brave today's  impending decision making!


  1. Anonymous17.8.12

    pity you're on the other side of the world as i have a sneaking suspicion i'd end up buying half your garage sale!

    1. What a shame we haven't worked out how to have virtual garage sales yet! Tx