If you haven't ventured out and bought the new issue of Inside Out Magazine you must do so today. It's a corker issue, though when is it not? It's also the first for lovely new editor Claire Bradley... welcome Claire!

My top picks for this issue are style editor Vanessa Colyer Tay's incredible Fresh Angle shoot  on page 59 and  of course my Why Don't You project above on page 64, also styled by the super clever VCT and photographed by Craig Wall. With a stem made entirely from stacked craft sticks (aka, popsicle, paddle pop, ice block sticks) this is my modern take on a craft that was all happening in the 70's... my fallback era.

I know you have all been following my projects for Inside Out mag but did you know I also contribute to their sister site Homelife.com.au? Check out my latest, a graphic fabric wall hanging organiser styled ever so cutely by Phoebe McEvoy and photographed by Craig Wall.

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