I am fascinated by crystals. I wish I could have them in my space but in the past when I have tried I just feel like a hippy. I did however manage to get some rose quartz (the love stone) in my very bold modern engagement ring and wore an incredible short string of the chunkiest asymmetrical faceted rose quartz with my ivory leather and silk wedding dress. No hippy moments there! I don't have a problem with hippies, how could I, I was born in the 70's but there just seems to be that conotation. Enter Debra Baxter and her completely fresh and modern take on crystals. This piece titled 'Let Her Have Her Glory' is a combination of Celestite (that lovely blue section), glass (which I'm assuming is the mind blowing neon) and quartz crystal. Now this I could make work!

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  1. Oh Tamara, you read my mind. This is stunning... Neon Crystals Yes Please!!! i just discovered your work last week, pardon me but it's wonderful, very inspiring! Have a lovely spring day. :)