I left for the city at the crack of dawn this morning so I could meet with the Sydney Morning Herald to have my photo taken with the Quilt Light. Exciting, although I hope they photoshop the dark circles from under my eyes!

Today I wanted to do two things. First to introduce you to Cole & Son who produce incredible wallpaper amongst other things. And two, inspire you to take a leaf out of their book and wallpaper a simple Ikea wardrobe!

As a renter I'm left crying at the fact I can't wallpaper my walls. But wait all is not lost! If you have an unpersuadable landlord like me there are still ways. If you reckon a wallpapered wardrobe pictured top is the next best thing like I do head on down to Ikea and pick up a Konsmo wardrobe (above) order your roll of Circus wallpaper from Cole & Son and get your hands dirty. It's the perfect Ikea hack...

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