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This is me working on another version of my Quilt Light for a very special set of one-off workshops. That's right people it's time for a DIY Quilt Light construction workshop and it gets even more exciting because rather than let Sydney folks have all the fun I am also bringing it to Melbourne!

Sorry about the pun in today's post title but it had to be done. During this 4hr workshop not only will you hang with me but you will make and leave with a fully functioning hanging light! For this version you get to choose from a selection of coloured Washi or MT tape - you know the stuff that once you discover it you just want to put it on everything. Workshops are being held in October at my dear friend Glen Proebstel's The Establishment Studios in Melbs and the ever- fabulous Megan Morton's Loft Studio in Sydney. Both of these spaces are incredible I'm telling you... you will feel SO inspired to be there! You will also be fed delicious refreshments and hear me rave about London Design Week and the adventures of my Quilt Light there. Spaces are super limited, I'm not kidding around so book quickly if you want to hang (sorry... again!). 

For more details and to book your place head to The Six Week Boutique.


  1. Oh I love these, very cool indeed!

    Sleekit x

  2. Anonymous6.9.12

    Absolutely LOVE this - two faves at the moment, kraft and neon - stunning. Em

  3. Tamara, I am BESOTTED with you & your projects!
    I bought your ship cross stitch for my friend Pam & downloaded your light template - my GOD I am totally making this wash tape version now. Love it!

    I hadn't planned this, but I bought some green tape today :)

  4. Wow thanks Nadine! So love hearing from happy customers such as yourself! Have fun making your light! Tx

  5. love this! shared on my FB page! (i tried to comment last night, but the word verification was driving me crazy, and left at the third attempt - also it's not ipad friendly!)
    new follower!