I love minimal spaces. Can't seem to do one myself no matter how I try but I take great delight in seeing others achieve it. I also love the visual impact a bit of modern craft makes in such a space. We all know I'm a HUGE advocate for modern craft, making and getting these elements into a space somehow someway. For these reasons I am always on the lookout for images that illustrate this last point in particular. You can't say the use of this coloured string in the guise of a bannister doesn't fit my brief perfectly. I have never wanted to live in a concrete bunker more! 

Hitting the road to the city now and will be day dreaming of living minimally. Oh and thanks to Lucy and Lisa for a lovely post re the Quilt Light and upcoming workshops on The Design Files today!


  1. Hello Tamara! Your pendants are just brilliant - I hope to bump into you at LDF so I can see your work in person! Will :)

  2. Thanks Will! That's be great! Lights are exhibiting and I am holding a demonstrative workshop at the 19 Greek St Gallery House in Soho on the 19th. Date to be confirmed. Might see you there!