15.10.12 PAT ON THE BACK

I'm full of praise today... starting with Pinterest. Ever since I joined it has become the image library I have always wanted. Slowly but surely I am saying goodbye to my previous 'system' which saw strewn piles of images clogging my desktop and magazine tear sheets filed away in numerous piles never again to see the light of day. Some days I know exactly what  I am going to post and others... well lets just say Pinterest is like the PA I haven't yet had!

This particular grouping of images got me thinking about how incredible we humans are at manipulating materials and crafting beautiful things. Suede and feathers become a headdress from the heavens at Alexander McQueen, geometric mirror is oxidised to gradient colour perfection by David Derksen while a handwoven rug becomes a treasured piece to last a lifetime. We really should give ourselves a pat on the back...


  1. Well we are created in the image of Him who made the mountains and the seas and etc - so we are just following in the family tradition!

  2. Ah your Mum's comment made me smile!
    But I was going to say that, yes, I've really only recently got in to Pinterest. Can't understand now why I resisted it for so long! Although I still struggle with what I'm going to post... I love looking at the pretty pictures.

    1. Hi Amanda! Pinterest... it's irresistable!! Just had a look at your blog and loved that your Dad was pointing out your lack of posts at one point... hilarious! Great to know our parents are still our number one fans eh?! Tx