23.10.12 KNOWING

On the porch of our little blue cottage is an old stone bowl that my husband lovingly tops up with fresh oats morning, noon and night. He does so to attract one of his favourite creatures... birds. And come they do morning and noon though the night shift has been filled by a pesky possum who saunters cheekily up our porch stairs on cue pretending we haven't noticed each other. I love the way we all know what our 'things' are and how for each of us these are different. Modern takes on craft and design are my 'things' and since I have been blogging daily now for months I have never known it more. Today my morning is all about the over-dyed antique rug from Loom below and how on earth I make it mine, noon I am expecting to be drooling over something else completely and by tonight it'll be something else again. This could be seen as fickle but not in my eyes. Just a good old case of knowing what I love...

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