Yes, it's me talking parquetry again only this time and from here on I will be dropping the 'y' and referring to it as parquet. Having always been aware of both and assuming it was a language variation between countries I continued to go with what I'd always heard it called... but no it's officially parquet no matter where you live. Who knew! The two became confused in the 1700's when the English translation of the originally French parqueterie got a bit confused. Anyway losing the point here... how incredible is coloured parquet?! After stumbling upon it gracing the floors of Selfridges in London and used in Stella McCartney's boutiques worldwide I'm loving this wonderfully modern take on such a classic interior detail. What I love most is the DIY factor, order a pad of parquet graph paper and get designing for your space based on your color swatches. So good...

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