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On the road today so a super quickie in my London design roundup. Trish Scorgie of Volpe and Volpe loves crafts and ceramics so that she has taken it upon herself to bring a slice of forgotten ceramic heritage back to England and give it a shot of the 21st Century. Being a designer myself who's mission in life seems to be to redesign and modernise crafts of old this excites me no end. Also because I go wobbly at the knees at the sight of a ceramic swan in my local second hand stores and already own an ever-growing collection.

As Stoke On Trent, the industrial scale pottery manufacturing capital of England since the 17th century that bore Wedgewood and Royal Daulton, fell to the service and distribution industries it's English labels like Volpe and Volpe that are determined to bring the craft back... and make our spaces rock along the way. Right there with you guys!

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