16.11.12 OH DEAR

Oh dear. It was bound to happen. I have been wracked with guilt having missed a whole two days of posting, but you must forgive me. My week, which looked like a standard busy one ended up mental and as I blog from my bed which has seen so little of me these past days I am aching all over. Even the muscles in my hands are struggling to type! What, you might ask has kept me from you? Lots of loveliness actually... like a phone interview with Temple & Webster and delivering all the rewards for those of you who helped me get to London recently. Though the two things that gave me the most pleasure were hanging out with the team from the incredible Papier Mache Magazine for the deco shoot I styled (out Feb) and the afternoon I spent with master basket weaver, fellow teacher at The School and SoHi neighbour Harriet Goodall chatting about her work. All in all a wonderful week which ends tomorrow night when I get back from Sydney after giving my twig & twine workshop at Ikke...

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