20.11.12 ONE DAY LATE

So here I am in one of my very favourite places, Melbourne! Having arrived yesterday it's purely a family affair and super fast overnight visit so no checking out the creative haunts like I usually do. Though had I arrived just one day earlier I would have fought tooth and nail to get myself to the final open day of David Bromley's magical space on Chapel St. Painter, sculptor and all-round wonder man, Bromley's best pieces in my opinion were his quilts. Oh to own one of these babies...

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  1. Oh I love David Bromley!! Mark Tuckey is selling a Bromley Caravan in my local area that I have coveted for years! Can you imagine a pop up store in a Bromley painted caravan!! Yellow and blue with boys playing and swallows flying........ I had no idea he worked with textiles, this is a revelation! I'm off to search for pictures! Thanks T! Your daily posts are inspirational!