I love decorative, especially when found in unassuming places. Prepare to be healed in every way with these incredibly beautiful Reiki stones by creator Gemma Bayly who is both artist and Reiki practitioner. First painted with metallic geometrics then charged with healing energy according to their symbol, Gemma's work plays with physics, nature, and our physical experience of spiritual energies. Hiding these stones in the nooks of cities, Gemma considers them beacons of light to be stumbled upon. Lucky stumblers can expect grounding, to find their soulmate, direction and clarity on their path, and power for their golden light within. Can you image finding one of these stones randomly as you went about your day? The perfect reminder to keep your eyes open for unsuspecting decorative wonder wherever you go. The fact these little pieces of art merged with nature come with such positive vibes making them even more of a hidden treasure...

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