26.11.12 SUMMERING

Summer is making itself known four days early here in Australia. We're in for super high temperatures this week so I spent yesterday 'summering' our house in preparation. Gone is the thick quilt on our bed, fan has prime position in our living space and more importantly the house is now filled with summer flowers. Foraging in my neighbourhood, gardening shears in hand, I picked natives galore. Branches of neon yellow Wattle, huge crowns of pale pink Proteas, amber infused Banksia and stems of electric pink Bottlebrush. All seemed perfect as I woke this morning with incredible floral scents filling our space, until of course I discovered other less incredible scents coming from the porch where our pesky possum friend had messily partaken in the garbage we failed to bin. Cleaning up sweaty garbage was not part of the 'summering' plan! Speaking of flowers and touching on my continuing obsession of merging type with modern craft how amazing is this Polinate typeface by English artist Anna Garforth...

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  1. That was a very poetic post Miss Tamara!