Today I'm dyeing more cord for my macrame owls. You see I have decided it's time to make the final run of these darling boys for The Six Week Boutique. I do love them so... how could I not, they started me on this wild modern craft ride four years ago! But for me it's time to move on and get busy focusing on other projects. For those of you who don't know the story behind my owls and how it all began for me keep reading. To John Denver With Love, farewell...

In the 1970's when I was most young and shapeable my mother owned a craft shop called Country Road Craft Supplies named after her musical love of the time, Mr John Denver. The one thing I remember most is the macrame bits. Metal rings in every size, drawer upon drawer of wooden beads and colourful skeins of furry, jute like rope all waiting to be carefully knotted into pot plant hangers, lampshades and king of them all...the macrame owl. Now some thirty years and many,many crafts later I have taken it upon myself to redesign the owl in all it's glory for those who missed out the first time around and those who secretly wish they had never left.

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