Seems we are in the midst of a DIY facial hair fancy with men's bristles being the next thing to be crafted in a decorative sense. First patchwork beards for The Postiche Collection and now floral versions for Manuscript. Weird concept I know, but you've got to admit it's super cool imagery! A project that was a few years in the making, the patchwork beards of which there are six, were a collaboration between myself, photographer Julian Wolkenstein and art director Paul Sharp. Julian and Paul created the concept and called me in to create the physical beards which alone took over a year to design, mould, fit and craft. Big congrats go to Julian who just this week won first prize in the prestigious CCP Kodak Salon Awards for the hippy beard pictured above. I came across the floral beards below last night during my weekly Thursday night 'T' time which involves me trawling the internet late at night for 'fun' rather than 'work'. Made by Lisa Cooper who does all sorts of weird and wonderful projects like I do they are featured in Manuscript Magazine. What will we think of next...

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