6.11.12 WHAT A WOMAN

Wow, I am in love. Not only with these amazing ceramics but with the woman behind them, Bauhaus inspired German ceramicist Hedwig Bollhagen. Hedwig has been quoted as saying 'Art? Oh God, some call it that... I make plates, cups and pitchers'. Says it all yes?! Hedwig started as a child and went on to become one of Germany's most important artists, continuing to produce work throughout Nazi occupation, State control and the ensuing post war difficulties. Working until the ripe old age of 93, Hedwig passed away in 2001 leaving her factory to continue producing her work and the Hedwig Bollhagen Foundation running a Museum in her honour. What a woman...


  1. These are simply stunning. They don't even need flowers!

  2. an inspirational lady. Love her.