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Wow, Christmas is getting so close, I promise I'll start posting Christmasy-ness any day now! For today though a big "where have you been all my life?" shout out to the incredible wall covering pictured above. Styled by my dear friend Glen Proebstel, it escapes me why I am only now noticing this image. Glen incorporates surfaces like no other, collaborating regularly with Mathew Collins of Art and Interiors and I'm wondering if this is one of those moments? With no information on Glen's site re this image I will report back with the lowdown. Either way... incredible. Also, loving the way he's managed to make gold and purple look desirable and snuck in a bit of faceted gold delight amongst all that softness. Speaking of faceted gold delight, check out these brass paperweights by Oji Masanori and Futagami...

Update > Glen has reported the wall detail above is actually a hung rug!

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  1. ohmy, i didn't realise that was glen's work! please do spill the beans when you find out what they did do create that backdrop! agreed, it is stunning (as is anything from oji masanori!