14.12.12 IT'S TIME

Super late post today, but I have a perfectly wonderful excuse as I have been in Sydney meeting with the Temple & Webster team who are all so amazing and friendly... I could have happily stayed all day! Ok, it's time for Christmasy-ness as promised. The countdown is on with only twelve days to go until the big day. I have not done any festive decorating in my space yet, which is nothing new - my Christmas tree has been known to go up Christmas Eve once I have closed up shop for the year. Living in the highlands means you can't go past using nature finds for wreath, tree and any other Christmas paraphernalia. I love the Kinfolk wreath pictured above and considering there is wattle still in abundance here along with our two huge rosemary bushes I might just go down this very path myself. Monday I'm thinking we talk Christmas tree...

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