Taking a break from Christmas deco talk today to have a conniption over this wallpaper. A couple of years ago when we were searching for a new rental house (yet again) we came across a little timber workers cottage perched on a hill. It really was the cutest thing though unfortunately the hill it was perched on overlooked the 'new' part of town... red brick cookie cutter central... no thanks. We moved on, and fast, though I have never forgotten the kitchen walls that were lined with pressed tin. Incredible!  It costs a fortune but I have got to get me some of this Brooklyn Tin Wallpaper by Netherlands company NLXL created in collaboration with philanthropic retailer Merci of Paris. They claim it looks so much like the real thing you don't realise it's not until you're up close and personal. Ohhhh is it too to order a last minute Christmas miracle...

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  1. oh i'm a fan too... though i'm dreaming of the dark version in my dining room... only problem being i rent so am going to have to come up with some awfully clever idea for displaying it besides plastering it all over the walls! :)