Image Tamara Maynes

I'm getting around with my arm in a sling, can you believe it? My trusty tendonitis has reared it's ugly head which means forced rest. This is what it takes, it's shocking and my need for balance is going on the list of new year resolutions... again. Anyway to the matter at hand - back to Christmas deco's today and I wanted to revisit one of the DIY's I designed for Inside Out Magazine's Christmas 2011 issue. A five page project spread styled by Vanessa Colyer Tay and photographed by Craig Wall, this was my first contribution to the mag. My favourite of the group was this really cool little set of stencilled slip covers for random timber stools that once made can be stored and used again year after year. My trick was to use super fab, modern looking fonts that gave the finished product an edge...

 Images above left Tamara Maynes, above right Inside Out Magazine

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