I don't know what is going on this morning but it feels like the attack of the lawn mower! Being the 'garden proud' community it is, I can only imagine everyone in SoHi seems to have decided Thursday morning is the time to prepare their lawns for Christmas visitors. I can barely hear myself type and my poor little orange boy Eric the cat has requested I put him up high, tucked safe of the depths of our bedroom's built in wardrobe. So tomorrow I am signing off for the year, blog wise that is, to have a break from my work and spend some time just being. I started looking around for a new Moleskin notebook the other day in anticipation of the thoughts I will want to put on paper in that optimistic first week of the new year and remembered Inga Dalrymple. An Australian painter, I love her work but it's her paint filled Moleskins in which she 'throws paint around in an attempt to find new forms and relationships' that I find so incredibly inspiring... 

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  1. The room has lots of different shade of blue going on. While I was at Home Depot (looking on the oops shelf of course) I spotted the paint chips. DING---make something out of those! http://www.thecoatingstore.com/