Guess what I'm doing today? I've got my skates on so I can get through my 'to do' list before I leave for London Design Festival on Sunday! This is literally the look on my face as I say another massive thank you to everyone who supported my Quilt Light Fever campaign and helped get me there! Luckily these aren't my legs, although I'm pretty sure this is what they looked like... yes, by all accounts I was a chubby baby! 

So, for me two days on a plane and a week of design in one of the world's design capitals! For you ten days of no new posts, sorry! But please look back over the last couple of months (yes it's been that long) and spend some time reading parts you missed or clicking through to links you didn't have time for the first time around. I'll be back super inspired and talking all things English I imagine. Miss you all already!


I left for the city at the crack of dawn this morning so I could meet with the Sydney Morning Herald to have my photo taken with the Quilt Light. Exciting, although I hope they photoshop the dark circles from under my eyes!

Today I wanted to do two things. First to introduce you to Cole & Son who produce incredible wallpaper amongst other things. And two, inspire you to take a leaf out of their book and wallpaper a simple Ikea wardrobe!

As a renter I'm left crying at the fact I can't wallpaper my walls. But wait all is not lost! If you have an unpersuadable landlord like me there are still ways. If you reckon a wallpapered wardrobe pictured top is the next best thing like I do head on down to Ikea and pick up a Konsmo wardrobe (above) order your roll of Circus wallpaper from Cole & Son and get your hands dirty. It's the perfect Ikea hack...


I've had this image in my file for a really long time now, which I had forgotten about until I saw it getting about on Pinterest the other day. I'm so glad it found it's way back to me... things get piled up in my files and I have no idea what's hiding in the depths! Anyway, the point is I think these one-off upholstered stumps by Cumulus Project rock and considering I am surrounded by cut logs like this here in the highlands and have a huge stash of leather offcuts I really should make some for our porch. How good are the copper upholstery tacks?! Padded with latex foam for your derrière they also have little legs underneath so they can be moved around without scratching the floor... love it.


I am fascinated by crystals. I wish I could have them in my space but in the past when I have tried I just feel like a hippy. I did however manage to get some rose quartz (the love stone) in my very bold modern engagement ring and wore an incredible short string of the chunkiest asymmetrical faceted rose quartz with my ivory leather and silk wedding dress. No hippy moments there! I don't have a problem with hippies, how could I, I was born in the 70's but there just seems to be that conotation. Enter Debra Baxter and her completely fresh and modern take on crystals. This piece titled 'Let Her Have Her Glory' is a combination of Celestite (that lovely blue section), glass (which I'm assuming is the mind blowing neon) and quartz crystal. Now this I could make work!


I almost posted about these last week but didn't want to bombard you with incredible lighting inspiration! I first came across Ana Kraus' Bonbon Lamps via Pinterest and have seen them popping up on other blogs since. Made using wire lamp shades covered entirely with wool they are SO beautiful as is Ana's aesthetic. Check out her news blog to be super inspired by Ana's take on things!


Purple, it's a toughie. But not it seems, when you use it to upholster a set of dark timber retro chairs and paint the walls tiffany blue. Do you all find as much inspiration in this colour combo as I do? Normally I wouldn't touch it but the use of all that organic timber and exposed brick grounds this pairing to the point of perfection. I have been seeing so much purple in all it's various shades peppered through the latest upholstery fabric collections and am growing to love it. Unique Fabrics does a purple like this called Next but it's a brushed cotton so has a slightly washed out look, super beautiful. Purple upholstery, who would have thought it could be so good.

I was chatting with David Heimann, the owner of Orson & Blake today about how most of my early childhood memories are related to particular flowers (and making mud pies but that's not relavant to the story) and it called to mind the wisteria vine that literally covered the porch of our farmhouse and buzzed with bees all summer long in it's purple glory. Imagine sitting in this purple chair, looking beyond tiffany blue walls out onto a mass of wisteria. I am seriously having palpatations at the thought. Have a great weekend and see some of you Sunday at my tassel garland class at The School!


I love minimal spaces. Can't seem to do one myself no matter how I try but I take great delight in seeing others achieve it. I also love the visual impact a bit of modern craft makes in such a space. We all know I'm a HUGE advocate for modern craft, making and getting these elements into a space somehow someway. For these reasons I am always on the lookout for images that illustrate this last point in particular. You can't say the use of this coloured string in the guise of a bannister doesn't fit my brief perfectly. I have never wanted to live in a concrete bunker more! 

Hitting the road to the city now and will be day dreaming of living minimally. Oh and thanks to Lucy and Lisa for a lovely post re the Quilt Light and upcoming workshops on The Design Files today!


All images Tamara Maynes unless otherwise stated

This is me working on another version of my Quilt Light for a very special set of one-off workshops. That's right people it's time for a DIY Quilt Light construction workshop and it gets even more exciting because rather than let Sydney folks have all the fun I am also bringing it to Melbourne!

Sorry about the pun in today's post title but it had to be done. During this 4hr workshop not only will you hang with me but you will make and leave with a fully functioning hanging light! For this version you get to choose from a selection of coloured Washi or MT tape - you know the stuff that once you discover it you just want to put it on everything. Workshops are being held in October at my dear friend Glen Proebstel's The Establishment Studios in Melbs and the ever- fabulous Megan Morton's Loft Studio in Sydney. Both of these spaces are incredible I'm telling you... you will feel SO inspired to be there! You will also be fed delicious refreshments and hear me rave about London Design Week and the adventures of my Quilt Light there. Spaces are super limited, I'm not kidding around so book quickly if you want to hang (sorry... again!). 

For more details and to book your place head to The Six Week Boutique.


Wow, I have just delved into the work of New Friends. I have been quite interested in making a loom and doing some modern weaving for a while now and these girls work is the closest I've seen to what I have been visualising. Can you imagine how completely amazing any of these would look in the right space?

Image New Friends

Alexandra and Kelly first met online sharing a love of textiles and began weaving separately before meeting and becoming New Friends. I reckon their use of colour is knockout and the quirky organic yet graphic outcome just makes me want to own them and stare all day. That settles it I need to get that loom made. I remember weaving as a child though what don't I remember making as a child...


I am running SO late with my post this morning that it's actually now the afternoon! If you're anything like me you will have one or two of these beautiful old crocheted Afghans laying around. I come across them constantly in op shops and have to stop myself from buying them, let's be honest I only have one bed. This white one looks amazing in it's subtlety as the focal point of this uncluttered space with it's black timber floors.
If you are partial to owning an Afghan or two, or three, a great way to justify it is to dye one or two of them. Choose the right colour and you'll have a thoroughly modern looking craft focal point as shown in the image below. To get this particular shade of grey I'd mix quite a few packets of RIT's pearl grey with a touch of lavender and an ever so teeny smidgen of black until perfect. If you don't feel confident mixing colours Batik Oetoro dyes are incredible or just go the whole hog and have a professional dye house achieve a signature colour for you. If you're in Sydney Cullachange is wonderful.