Check out this piece of seriously good Brooklyn bling. I have travelled all over the States from LA to the east coast and back again stopping to dance in an incredible Indian Badlands sunset, pay my respects to The King in Memphis, drink far too much in Chicago, scare off wild animals with my lily white legs in Yosemite, feel complete awe at the sheer size of the Grand Canyon, buy my now husband a harmonica on Beale St, and get a tan cruising the Venus Beach boardwalk in LA. The fact that I did so in a broken down old bus full of hippies are details we will bypass. However I have yet to get to New York, I mean really get to New York. I grasped it's enormity and energy but unfortunately driving over the Brooklyn Bridge and stopping for an hour at the Greyhound bus depot on the other side doesn't count so I consider myself a NYC virgin. Now that my amazing friend and stylist Glen Proebstel lives there I have decided I will get there, properly, if I have to starve to do so! Design Sponge posted about spotting Michele Quan's glazed ceramic jewels all over Brooklyn some time ago and I have only just discovered them. I have gotta get me to that city...

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