7.1.13 IT'S A NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year everyone! I've a lovely warm fuzzy feeling about this year with some exciting changes and growth in the pipelines. For the first time ever I took a two full weeks off work over the Christmas and New Year period and spent it hanging around, eating and nursing my frozen shoulder... ouch. Keeping cool was a big priority here in Australia and loose dresses like the mint green Tommy Hilfiger above were an essential... they also came in handy after all the eating, if you know what I mean. Quite odd not having created or made anything for a couple of weeks but I did find a creative outlet in the devouring of both Sartorialist books which I received as a gift. Sometimes I forget how dearly I loved fashion and what a muse it was to me in the early days. Twas really very refreshing to spend some time with it again. So onward and upward for 2013, here's to exciting things to come...

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  1. Sounds a lot like my own holiday, Tamara! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for 2013!