Image Julian Wolkenstein

Hello modern craft lovers! My absence was much longer than anticipated I know... but it really was what I needed after too many years of non-stop work and a build up of way too much stress. So, one health scare followed by a BIG wake up call followed by a couple of months of taking care of myself and re-evaluating and here I am... back on the horse. But things will be a little different from now on. Blogging will be on a more casual basis as I focus on my amazing new online store ( which is very close!) and the launch of two incredible new services that I'm SO excited about. You will absolutely love it all I promise!

In the meantime check out my super clever friend and award winning photographer Julian Wolkensteins' pin-up horse series. Real horses with real hairdo's shot in the English countryside, Julian and his team created these images with no manipulation... just a lot of patience! Florence hangs in my space, but today the lovely Misty (above) in all her hot-rollered-mane glory is stealing the show.

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